30 July 2020

Hello all bowlers. Good news is that we have the all clear to reopen TOMORROW! Gert is in good health and Clayton will also be back at work next work. You can thus start making bookings again. We will use the top green for the next week.

Then, we also need more duty officers. Please send your preferred day and time slot (AM or PM) to Owen on 072 768 5662 ASAP.

The club smart phone app has been upgraded and a new feature added. On WEDNESDAY afternoons at 14:00 we will have formal Tabs-In again. You will need to “put your tab in” using the smart phone app OR via our club website www.mbbowls.co.za. Cut off is 17:00 on MONDAY. Format will be open (mixed) pairs.

Until we are back in full operation again one day, we ask all players to pay a R10 playing fee each and every time you play or practice. Please bring the exact amount as duty officers do not have change.

See you on the green!